Desmond O'Connor on Royal Vauxhall and the Magical Power of Gay Clubs

It’s the late 80s. Princess Diana, hounded by the press, wants to escape from it all. What better plan that to go gay clubbing to the Royal Vauxhall Tavern with her pals Freddie Mercury and Kenny Everett? And what better disguise than dressing up as a man? Features Editor James T Harding checks in with the Royal Vauxhall musical’s creator Desmond O’Connor (Scott Mills: The Musical, But First This: A Musical Homage to Radio Four) to find out more about this legendary story, the redemptive power of gay clubs, and Des’s musical-writing rehearsal process.

Royal Vauxhall stars Matthew Jones (Frisky and Mannish), Sarah-Louise Young (The Showstoppers) and Tom Giles at the Underbelly Med Quad 22.10 each day (not Mondays) this Fringe. Follow the show @ROYALVAUXHALL and Des @worldofdes. Full Edinburgh listing: