Brighton Insider - The Marked

As puppetry becomes ever more popular with Fringe goers around the world, we decided to speak to London-based Theatre Temoin to find out more about their gritty tale of trouble and strife, as we eagerly await their perfomeance at The Warren this weekend.

A hauntingly beautiful, action-packed chase, set against the backdrop of London's rough streets

Hello! Who are you and what will you be doing this Fringe?

Theatre Témoin is an award-winning, London-based physical devising ensemble, who are passionate about creating visually stunning theatre that is daring, socially engaged, and fun.

What’s your show all about?

The Marked is about a boy who creates a fantasy kingdom to make sense of a senselessly violent childhood. He then has to face all of his real and imagined monsters 10 years later when his estranged mum dies before he gets a chance to confront her, and subsequently ends up sleeping rough on the streets of London. It's got puppets, masks, movement, grit, and heart.

Is this a new show or have you performed it elsewhere?

We're previewing here at The Warren for our Edfringe run at the Pleasance King Dome. We've had work-in-progress showings at our partner organisations Cardboard Citizens and St. Mungo's Broadway, as well as at our co-producing venue The Everyman Theatre Cheltenham, and at the Camden People's Theatre where we spent a week in residence. So technically no, but it feels like yeah!

Are you a seasoned Fringe performer or is this a first time outing for you?

We've been here with a couple of shows: The Fantasist ("Top 5 of the Brighton Fringe” - The Sunday Times), and Nobody's Home ("Best Dance and Physical Theatre on Offer" - The Argus). We're very happy to be back!

What brings you to Brighton? Why did you decide to enter this year’s Fringe?

Brighton's like the Fringe Fashion Capital, right? "You saw it here first" ;)

Where will you be performing? (Dates and times please too!)

The Warren Main House on 7 and 8 May 14:00, and May 9 19:00.

If you had to sum up your show in one line what would it be?

A hauntingly beautiful, action-packed chase, set against the backdrop of London's rough streets.