Brighton Insider - Sellotape Sisters by Lee Mattinson

1966. Legendary soap opera Sellotape Sisters (pretensions of Downton, production values of Crossroads) is being cancelled. With no ideas left for the final episode, the writers' raid the actors' private lives for storylines. With the last live broadcast looming, will the cast stick to the script? We've been talking to Signal Theatre Company to find out more...

A '60's soap stars' sapphic sibling saga!

Hello! Who are you and what will you be doing this Fringe?

We're Signal Theatre Company who create funny plays to make people laugh and we're producing Sellotape Sisters by Lee Mattinson, an outrageous new comedy.

What’s your show all about?

The play is set in the 1960's and Sellotape Sisters is a fictitious soap opera. It's very popular but it's been cancelled because the writers have simply run out of ideas. They raid the actors' private lives for story-lines and the action all happens around the broadcast of the last ever episode. The dilemma is whether the stars stick to the script and risk their sexuality being revealed or continue to live a lie?

Is this a new show or have you performed it elsewhere?

This is a brand new show having its world premiere at this year's Brighton Fringe, so you can be among the first people to see it!

Are you a seasoned Fringe performer or is this a first time outing for you?

Most of the cast and crew have been involved with shows in Edinburgh over the years, and one of the company has done Brighton Fringe before but this is Signal's first festival show anywhere as a company.

What brings you to Brighton? Why did you decide to enter this year’s Fringe?

We've wanted to do a festival show for quite a while and after we commissioned this play (from former Coronation Street story-liner Lee Mattinson), we thought Brighton would be the perfect place for its mix of camp, comedy and compassion. Two of the company are also Brighton based, so we know and love the place.

Where will you be performing? (Dates and times please too!)

The Warren: Studio, 17 - 22 May. 17 & 22 May, 18.45, 18 - 20 May, 20.45 and 21 May, 14.45.

If you had to sum up your show in one line what would it be?

'60's soap stars' sapphic sibling saga!