Brighton Insider - HYSTERICAL

Hello! Who are you and what will you be doing this Fringe?

we've reworked and reshaped it and created a bigger, bolder even better show

I'm Karis Halsall, Artistic Director of Luminary Theatre and we're bringing our Award Winning comedy HYSTERICAL to The Warren's Main Space.

What’s you show all about?

HYSTERICAL is a dark comedy exploring the boundaries of sanity and mental health. The piece questions whether it’s actually possible to be well in our society, surrounded by never ending pressures and expectations. Set between a frantic advertising agency and an in-patient facility, June, a virgin clown, and her associates attempt to re-brand water, wellness, madness and Madonna.

Blending bold new writing with clowning, puppetry and mine, it draws on the creative teams’ own deeply personal experiences of mental health and institutionalisation.

Is this a new show or have you performed it elsewhere?

We performed a preview of it at VAULT Festival 2016, which is where we won The People's Choice Award. That was lovely. We've gone back to it, and based on the feedback we received from our brilliant audiences, we've reworked and reshaped it and created a bigger, bolder even better show. I'm so excited to share it with the people of Brighton.

Are you a seasoned Fringe performer or is this a first time outing for you?

As a company, I think we've all done our fair share of Fringe Theatre - we've steadily been creating work and growing over the past eight years. However, it is Luminary and HOAX's (who co-produced the show) first venture to Brighton Fringe. We're Brighton Fringe virgins - be gentle with us!

What brings you to Brighton? Why did you decide to enter this year’s Fringe?

I lived in Brighton for two years and I know that it’s a community of openhearted, receptive and supportive people. As the show is about mental health, vulnerability, and allowing yourself to be seen, this was a deciding factor. I also know the people of Brighton love a bit of silliness, and our show is totally silly. We think Brighton has exactly the kind of audience who will love our show.

Where will you be performing? (Dates and times please too!)

HYSTERICAL runs on Saturday 14 May & Sunday 15 May at 16:00
Venue: The Warren Main Stage

If you had to sum up your show in one line what would it be?

Well, we got called a “psychosis circus full of laughs”. I think that's pretty accurate.