Brighton Insider: 10 tips for the Fringe

Hundreds of shows, thousands of performers and one unique city. If you’re coming to this year’s Brighton Fringe, here’s Broadway Baby’s top ten tips for making the most of your visit.

Word of mouth is the most important way to find out about the best (and worst) of Brighton Fringe.

1. Be ‘Appy

The Brighton Fringe App: the perfect source for all your Fringe needs. From full listings, maps and information about venues to book tickets through the app itself. Just find a show you want to see and click on “Buy Online” at the bottom of the page. Tip: make sure you set up an account on the Brighton Fringe website before you book online. You can do it on your mobile but it’s easier in advance at

2. Watch out for shorter runs

This isn’t the Edinburgh Fringe where shows generally appear for the whole of August. Many Brighton shows are only performing for a few evenings, so don’t get caught out assuming you’ll be able to catch the show at a later date. Tip: some venues, such as Sweet, have many shows that run for 7 days.

3. Talk to People

Word of mouth is the most important way to find out about the best (and worst) of Brighton Fringe. Next time you’re in a queue for a show, have a chat with everyone around you and don't forget, venue staff are an ideal source of insider information. Tip: Buying tickets at the venue box office? Why not ask the box office team which other shows they would recommend. They’ve usually got an excellent handle on the hit shows.

4. They didn’t pave paradise

Brightoners will be fully aware of the lack of parking in town. On street parking can stretch to £3.60 an hour and it’s tricky to find, particularly on weekends. Tip: Park slightly further out of town where the parking is free and easy, then you can take the bus in. Check here for free parking zones in Brighton.

5. On the buses

Brighton’s bus service is the best way of getting around town. Tickets are £2 for a city hop journey and can be bought in cash (unlike Edinburgh, they even give change), online or via a Key Card. Tip: you can buy tickets using your mobile app. Just show the driver the code that appears when you press activate. Be careful that your mobile doesn’t run out of battery though!

6. Free is my favourite price

There are hundreds of free events at Brighton Fringe for those watching their purse strings. From outdoor performances and comedy to workshops. Tip: A complete list of freebies can be found on the Brighton Fringe’s Website

7. Branch out beyond the Fringe

Brighton is a vibrant and diverse city and if this is your first visit, you’re in for a treat. From shopping in the lanes, to Brighton’s Palace Pier, there’s plenty to do to pass the time and enjoy this great city. Get on VisitBrighton for the best advice on what to do and see in Brighton. Tip: Don’t miss the Brighton Pavilion, it’s the ideal Instagram spot, especially at sunset.

8. Take a chance on me

Be spontaneous and go to see something completely unplanned. That show that starts in 5 minutes around the corner might be a work of genius, or jaw-droppingly awful. Either way, you’ll be talking about it for days to come. Tip: you might be offered buy one get one free tickets for shows about to start from their flyering teams.

9. When to come

Unlike Edinburgh, Brighton Fringe is evening and weekend centric. If you’re planning on seeing as much as possible, come at the weekend. The final week of the Fringe coincides with half-term, so if you’re planning on coming with children, aim for this week. Tip: Weekend accommodation in Brighton can be expensive. Book in advance if you can (or use Airbnb). Alternatively, stay in Hove and travel in, it’s just next door!

10. Check out what to see on Broadway Baby

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