Bobby Awards Shortlist Announced for Brighton

After hundreds of shows, thousands of performers and a month of the most exciting shows from around the corner and around the world, Brighton Fringe is almost over. That means it’s about time to present the coveted Broadway Baby Bobby award. This prized accolade is awarded to the show that is considered by our panel to be the best in the festival. For the 900 shows at Brighton Fringe, there is only one Bobby award.

For the 900 shows at Brighton Fringe, there is only one Bobby award

Following days of discussion over coffee, arguments raging long into the night and with some exceptional shows to consider, the final shortlist of five has been decided. Only shows that received five stars are considered for the award and each show in this list was considered by our reviewing team to be amongst the best work they had witnessed.

And who will win the much coveted Broadway Baby Bobby Award? Find out on Sunday 4 June at Brighton Fringe Award ceremony. In the meantime, here’s our run down on the shows nominated for the Broadway Baby Bobby Award.


Where: Sweet Venues

What our reviewer said: With Persephone idolising and impersonating Doris Day, regularly getting swept up in her imagination of a world filled with glamour and adoration, and Dora fantasising about the army and a triumphant life as some of history’s greatest women, the pair are well equipped to become a memorable double act from the onset. The play is an excellent vehicle to showcase the talents of Tanya Chainey and Alison Nicol, whose performances are captivating, comical, inspiring and affecting.

Show: Groomed

Where: Sweet Venues

What our reviewer said: Brilliantly performed, heart-breaking but still somehow hopeful, it is difficult viewing but a story that most definitely needs to be told. Sandford and his team deserve congratulations for making such an important piece of theatre that could really bring about an important and much needed change in the way we currently confront child abuse.

Show:The Marlowe Papers

Where: The Warren

What our reviewer said: The sheer energy of the performance was exhausting to watch, and the wonderfully choreographed movement around the stage faultless. The timing of the movement and the musical accompaniment worked so perfectly that it felt as if Smith and Martin had been doing this all their lives.

Show: HIP

Where: The Marlborough

What our reviewer said: Although this show is extremely funny for much of the time, the heart of this story is painfully and breathtakingly sad. The sum total of a life is examined and evaluated for worth. A brilliant blend of social history, self- reflection and biography, this show is the true story of the discovery of a woman’s life and what it meant to the finder.

Show: Not Yet Suffragette

Where: The Warren

What our reviewer said: The slick delivery of this production makes it hard to believe that this is Cutler’s first solo attempt at a show. Overwhelmingly thankful that I saw its world premiere in Brighton, I have no doubt in her getting this performance booked across the globe. For any men out there fearing a tongue-lashing, fear not, it is a show suitable for both women and men – just ask the man in the audience who cried out for an encore.

The Broadway Baby Bobby Award will be announced on Sunday 4 June.