Bartstar Of The Day: 8th Aug. Ruby Chaple

After all the late-night revels, Richard was sent to the replicated American-themed diner, City Cafe, for a hearty classic breakfast, where he met Ruby, who was wide awake, full-energy and thrilled to be the next Barstar Of The Day.

Favourite Drink: Diet Coke or Coke Zero.

Name: Ruby Chaple

Age: 19

Bar: City Cafe

Background: Born in Manchester, her family moved to Edinburgh when she was five. She’s now reading geography at Newcastle University. She’s just finished interrailing around Europe, where she fell in love with Budapest for its food, nightlife and, of course, the soothing baths. Two years ago she performed in Bugsy Malone at the Festival Fringe and before that she was in a school production of Rabbie Burns.

Ambition: To travel, especially to Asia and Africa to go on safari, and get ideas for her future.

Favourite Drink: Diet Coke or Coke Zero. (That’s a first! What- no alcohol?)