Barstar Of The Day: Aug 23rd. Chris McCallum

One-time home to the Usher family, Richard visits the 18th century house and large walled courtyard that is now the Pear Tree. Chris is chosen by the boss to be to become today’s Barstar.

Favourite Drink: An Old Fashioned

Name: Chris McCallum

Age: 21

Bar: The Pear Tree

Background: Born in Livingston but the family soon moved to Linlithgow where he went to school. He moved to study architecture at Edinburgh University. This year he went gallivanting around Cuba for two weeks and also lived in a warehouse in Rijeka, Croatia. He’s a keen skier and clay pigeon shooter.

Ambition: To get a job in architecture and ski down a mountain range in every continent.

Favourite Drink: An Old Fashioned to celebrate and a Gin and tonic as a go-to.