Barstar Of The Day: 5th Aug. Lachlan Plozza

Next door to where he started two days ago, Richard meets Lachlan in a very long and narrow pub whose beautiful windows are inscribed with the claim that Mary Queen of Scots and John Knox drank here, probably. Unlikely is perhaps nearer the mark.

Favourite Drink: Tennent’s Lager

Name: Lachlan Plozza

Age: 24

Bar: The Royal Mile Tavern

Background: Born in Perth, Australia where he studied marketing at Murdoch University. He met his girlfriend on a boat party there. She was from Edinburgh on a working visa. When that expired he flew back with her to Scotland. Conveniently he had UK citizenship through his father who was born in Glasgow. They are now planning further travels together.

Ambition: To run his own cafe.

Favourite Drink: Tennent’s Lager