Barstar Of The Day: 4th Aug. Keren Arlow

Richard's on the bridge in the Old Town today where he met Keren at the newly refurbished George IV. The pub has been completely transformed since last year and it might be an advantage to be tall if you want to stand at the bar.

Favourite Drink: Prosecco.

Name: Keren Arlow

Age: 25

Bar: George IV

Background: Born in Fife, she is now studying textile design at Heriot-Watt University. She worked at Disney World, Orlando as a costuming assistant but never had to wear any of the outfits. Her parents live in Singapore so she gets to travel around Southeast Asia using their home as a base.

Ambition: To become a printed textile designer in a large fashion house and eventually own her own brand.

Favourite Drink: Prosecco.