Barstar of the Day: 20th August. Kyle Jamieson

Richard wasn’t going to feature any barstars from last year but when he was sent to Nauticus he met Kyle again with an inspirational success story that just had to tell. If you want to read chapter one it’s here:

Favourite drink: Guinness (still)

Name: Kyle Jamieson

Age: 31

Bar: Nauticus

Background: This time last year Kyle had a place in mind that was going to fulfil his ambition. Just two weeks ago the dream came true and he opened Nauticus. Formerly The Parlour, he and business partner Iain McPherson, started a complete refit, stripping out everything except the period cornice and fireplace, and exposing the beautiful wooden panelling that had been covered in blue paint. Brand new floors and toilets were installed and the whole job was completed in four months while still working at Panda and Sons. It’s now a stunning neighbourhood bar serving only Scottish and related drinks, unless no other option is available. The snack menu of cheeses and meats is similarly all Scottish.

Ambition: To make Nauticus a neighbourhood destination bar.

Favourite Drink: This is the one thing that hasn’t changed - Guinness (except he can’t get it in his own pub because it’s not Scottish) and a nip of Craigellachie 23.