Barstar Of The Day: 14th Aug.  Simone Parker

Venturing back into the thick of it, Richard returns to the ever-popular Oz Bar. Eric from last year has moved on but Simone has worked her on and off for many years. She is one of the many academics pulling pints in the city.

Favourite Drink: Cheap and nasty Tequila.

Name: Simone Parker

Age: 26

Bar:Oz Bar.

Background: Born in Dundee and went to school in Montrose before moving to Edinburgh University to study Art History. After gaining her first degree she took a masters in Art Conservation and Painting Restoration. She currently works full-time as a duty manager in the bar but is also curating a charity art show at Bonhams next week. She also worked in the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne for a year having previous completed an internship at the National Gallery Of Scotland.

Ambition: To finally choose between being a curator or working on large restoration projects.

Favourite Drink: Cheap and nasty Tequila.