Barstar Of The Day: 12 Aug. Meghan O’Donnell

Few places are a theatre, a brewery and a distillery but Richard was sent to Summerhall to a bar whose name provides much amusement but derives from Professor William Dick (1793 - 1866) who established the veterinary school on this site. There he met pub devotee, Meghan.

Favourite Drink: Margarita

Name: Meghan O’Donnell

Age: 24

Bar: The Royal Dick at Summerhall

Background: Born in Edinburgh, she dropped out of university in her first year to pursue full-time employment in bar work because she loves it. She lived in Amsterdam for six months working in hostels but missed money and showers. She’s been in this bar for five years. Coffee, art and travel are her passions. She’s just obtained her working visa for Canada and will be heading there next year.

Ambition: To own her own wee bar.

Favourite Drink: Margarita if it’s sunny or Barney’s porter when it’s not.