A Glimpse into The Little Death Club

Bernie Dieter is no stranger to Scotland's capital, having previously satisfied our lust for all things fantastically raucous with sell out shows La Clique and EastEnd Cabaret. In her sultry, sexy German drawl, Bernie teases us with what's ahead.

The space allows acts to perform their filthiest, most outrageous material

Two years ago, Bernie and Creative Director Tom Velvick created this show in Australia, as a late night spiegeltent lock-in. Bernie muses that, inspired by gin, the space was created to allow acts to perform their filthiest, most outrageous material which they couldn't perform elsewhere. Offering the freedom for performers to do something dark, edgy, political and sexy is right at the roots of what motivates Bernie. She is inspired by Weimar cabaret, celebrating 100 years this year, and wants a mechanism to drag this into the 21st century. The result is an award-winning celebration of the subverse, with a filthy, fierce and often political edge.

But what differentiates The Little Death Club from other cabaret acts also promising something daring and different? Bernie enthrals with details of the fully original soundtrack, with an additional comedy element. Not to detract from cabaret featuring covers, Bernie is keen to discuss the humorous element to the show, which, although dark and debauched, is also funny. These are not exclusive qualities, thankfully! The symbiosis of these is part of the charm of The Little Death Club. Bernie further muses that humour is essential for her, as it breaks down barriers and takes people on a journey that connects them together. This promises a deeper, richer connection with the audience than simply that of variety entertainment.

Bernie is also inspired by Camille O'Sullivan, and in her most voracious velveteen voice, reflects on her own values. She is a strong woman and believes there needs to be more of them. As such, the show includes feminist undertones - for example dick pics as the new pick up line in social media. The concept of The Little Death Club extends to exploring the arena of fear; considering the many issues in the world which divide us - gender, race, beliefs - and the show aims to transcend these. After all, muses Bernie, 'we're all in it together; we're all punks, freaks and weirdos'. Here, here!