A Fringe PokéFest

Looking to catch ‘em all while in Edinburgh? Well you’re in luck. The festival is stuffed with PokeStops and Pidgeys. We run down what’s on offer at the main venues.

Assembly Festival have various locations across the city well served by PokeStops and fertile ground for wild Pokemon. The Assembly Hall on The Mound has a PokeStop at the entrance as does the George Square Theatre and Assembly Checkpoint. If you’re hanging out in George Square Gardens you’ll find a PokeStop at the entrance gate and one in the gardens itself with lots of wild Pokemon spawn points. The Studios on the other hand have no nearby PokeStops.

George Square neighbours Underbelly also have wild Pokemon spawning in their pasture, a Pokestop plus a second Pokestop right on their backstage Abattoir Bar. If you see Ed & Charlie frantically swiping their phones, you know what they’re up to. Over at their Cowgate location you’ll find a PokeStop in the entrance alley.

Pleasance get top marks with Pokemon Go players with PokeStops at both their Courtyard and Dome locations.

The Gilded Balloon Teviot doesn’t have a PokeStop, but if you’re lucky you may just be able to reach the McEwan Hall stop next door. Gilded Balloon across the road at the Museum fares better with its own PokeStop.

C venues has several locations, some served better than others. C main at Adam House has a PokeStop right on top of it, whereas C nova on Victoria Street doesn’t, but tantalisingly close to the stop across the street. C scala not only has a PokeStop but also reports of Dratini spawning in the area. C too and C cubed don’t have stops.

theSpace UK’s main venues at Surgeon’s Hall and Symposium Hall both have PokeStops, with the one at Surgeon’s slap bang in the middle of their courtyard.

ZOO Venues has a PokeStop on their main house on Pleasance as does the Bedlam Theatre on Bristo Place. Just The Tonic appears to be in range of the Back End Of A Cow PokeStop, and there are PokeStops-a-plenty plus a Gym all the way up the Royal Mile. But the star location for Pokemon Go players this festival is Paradise Green’s Augustine’s and Vaults locations, with three PokeStops all in range.