100 Ways to Tie a Shoelace on Sensitive Issues in Theatre

Having made their Fringe debut last year with The Life and Times of Lionel, theatre company Forget About The Dog are back with their new show, 100 Ways to Tie a Shoelace. Kat has had an accident and has trouble remembering things. The show presents her journey and relationships with her mind and her family. This group have so far gone from strength to strength using their own style of charming physicality. Actors Leanne Stenson and Joshua Ling spoke to Chris Quilietti.

Photo Credit: Forget About the Dog

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100 Ways to Tie a Shoelace

100 Ways to Tie a Shoelace

Following the accident, Kat’s struggling with the basics of everyday life. Could some unusual visitors help? A comedic and imaginative take on the realigning of one person’s mind...