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Embracing the wonderful world of Wilfredo feels like it’s going to be quite an arduous task once this misfortunate creature greets you, but how wrong you can be. Wilfredo is an unfortunate human being: tight exposing pants, teeth that Claire Balding would be proud of and a hump that would make the hunchback of Notre dame look like a ballerina - the poor Spaniard really hasn’t got a chance until he begins to sing.

Crooning his message to the world through his gypsy, folk, romance music Wilfredo takes us on the most amazing and quite inappropriate journey of his life. Full of mystic and vulgar charm his astonishing and fulfilling vibrato wraps you into his world of twisted, inhumane and distorted beauty. This uncouth satire of a romance singer is the genius creation of Matt Roper, whose style, flare and presence is something to behold. Not faulting for a hair’s breadth, Roper is enigmatically committed as he serenades and violates with the gripping grotesqueness that is Wilfredo.

As the hour progressed the hypnotic vocals continue to pull you deeper into the sordid and unnerving life that Wilfredo has lead. I couldn’t believe my ears and gasped in shock and sometimes in awe at the unearthly tales that were told. The complete presentation of this wonderful world was seamlessly dysfunctional and was undoubtedly under great control. Wilfredo, my new hero, is a gift to the Fringe we all must cherish with pure heart and beastly soul.

Venue Number 51. Just the Tonic at The Tron, 9 Hunter Square,Strictly over 18's only, EH1 1QW. 2-26 August 22:20 (1 hour). Suitability: 18+. 'ID REQUIRED. If you look under 25, you will be asked for Proof of ID

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Lock up your pets: he's back! Big teeth, tight pants and a vibrato to die for. ‘Weird, intimate and wonderful late-night character comedy that really makes you feel you're at the Fringe’ (Guardian). ***** (ThreeWeeks).

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