The Shoreditch Improv Festival Sunday Funday Shows
  • London Fringe


The first show of the day will feature about as wide a variety of improvisation styles as one could ask for, with three groups that could not be more different from each other. Duck Duck Tales will be creating a choose your own adventure play together with the audience, whilst the Human Machine will feature the first bionic improv group where one of the performers is a custom-built improv A.I. Impetus, finally will create a unique blend of physical comedy and improv and close-off the first hour of the afternoon.


The Shoreditch Improv Festival is excited to welcome the Just Us League, Gary Tro (***** - Three Weeks) and Javier Jarquin (Scared Scriptless ), who will be using their signature high energy style to create short, punchy scenes that hit all genres. It is weapons free improv that takes no prisoners. A contrast will be provided by BIG NOW, a long-running improv team from London, who will be performing slower more deliberate scenes culminating in a finish that they promise will be both BIG and NOW. Finally, The Cartel, one of the Free Associations house teams, featuring Charlie Kemp, Lola Rose Maxwell and David Elms, will be making the audience an offer they cant refuse.


Don't worry if you can't get tickets to School of Rock - this is way better! The story of the greatest band the world has ever known, Jack Left Town, whose history and adventures will be told in this improvised documentary in the spirit of Spinal Tap. Also, dont worry if you didnt get tickets to the latest Buddy Comedy at the cinema, Jon & Nath (Finalists " Sketchfest 2016, Best New Act), an Australian sketch comedy duo of two best friends who can't stand each other, have got the audience covered.