The Best of Irish Comedy

You don't have to be Irish to enjoy this show, but it certainly may help to jump on board and have a few drinks before and throughout. The best of Irish is a 1 hour and 45 minute show, and with only 4 acts on the bill, be prepared for lengthy sets from each comedian.

The compere this evening is Michael Legge, a very interesting comedian with an exciting ability to keep the audience on his side. He has every Irish stereotype covered to its full comedic potential and a charming scope of delivery in everything he says.

The star of tonight's show is Patrick Monahan, but the line-up changes each night, so I'm sure there will be different highlights for each different audience. This evening though it is Monahan: with hugs for everyone and an adorable outlook on the obscene, Monahan is absolutely the star of the show.

Unfortunately however, not every comedian on the bill today is quite on the same level as Monahan and it’s a bit of a let down from the promising words of encouragement our compere gave us at the start. Not afforded a whole hour each, but given more time than your average variety show, sets were awkward in length and not entirely inclusive. If you like jokes about protests, ginger people and Irish music, you'll like the Best of Irish. If you don't, it’s probably best you avoid this altogether.


The Blurb

Ireland’s finest! Excellent value Celtic showcase has moved to a new later timeslot. Fringe institution since 1999. ‘Wonderful line-up truly justifies show’s title’ (Evening News). Great craic, different line-up nightly.