Studio 9

These two punchy Cambridge Footlighters prove their worth as a hilarious addition to the British comedy double-act scene in their new sketch show Studio 9. Creating a pitch for their own television show, we are guided through a myriad of consistently rib-tickling material from middle-class millennial seagulls to sperm banks.

Refreshingly unpretentious, this duo can be expected to do big things.

Allocated the ‘role of the audience that’s loving every sketch’, (method acting at its most impromptu), we have the easy job. Wonderfully self-aware, no subject is untouchable for these two; and it is often themselves. Self-scrutiny aplenty, they balance cutting quips about the sense of upper-class entitlement to utilising a strong queen’s English accent to mimic life in the trenches with a quasi-gentleman soldier and his wife Margaret. This war sketch was a favourite, with Leo Reich’s hilarious depiction of an appropriately eccentric damsel in distress aided by Will Hall’s dramatic declaration of compromised masculinity.

The duo’s chemistry is sublime and quite plausibly could be mistaken as an old married couple in their complimentary comedic attributes. They work the space and the writing alike to a polished perfection, each earning bountiful laughter from their audience. Indeed, we are seldom left to silence, with the consistently fast-paced, electrically witty and highbrow writing. This couple would not be out of place as an upcoming to the likes of Fry and Laurie or Mitchell and Webb, and Studio 9 ironically pilots it’s series of sketches as ripe for an actual slot on the box.

Exceeding expectations for the modest ticket price, the sketches are enthusiastically performed and written to the highest standard of new comedy that delivers from start to finish. Refreshingly unpretentious, this duo can be expected to do big things.

Reviews by Daisy McConnel


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The Blurb

It's the opportunity every comedian dreams of. Double act Will Hall and Leo Reich have been given an hour to record their very own TV pilot. It doesn't help that Leo is drunk. Or that Will is in love with the runner. Or that the tech keeps malfunctioning. But they've got a lot of sketches to get in the can and only 60 minutes to do so. Well, 59... Slick, fast-paced sketch comedy from two Cambridge Footlights regulars that promises to be 'not just funny... but rich with a sense of self-awareness' **** (Scotsman).