Sorry I Killed Your Cat
  • London Fringe

When a new couple move in to a north London apartment block their neighbours are quick to invite them over for dinner, though not all is as it seems.

Packed full of laughs, drama and dead animals, Sorry, I Killed Your Cat, is a hilarious piece of new writing about keeping up false appearances, broken relationships, alcohol and "accidentally" killing cats.

It will leave you hoping that you never get invited to a dinner party ever again.

" of those really pleasant surprises, a play that bills itself as full of laughs and actually is." - The Spy in the Stalls, 2017

"...great lines that rightfully left the audience in stitches and several really clever scenes." - Kevin Evans, A Small Mind at the theatre, 2017

Lost Fragments Productions formed originally as part of their training at the School of Arts, The University of Northampton. However, the company was revived as platform to create new and original productions.

After a successful run of the show earlier in the year Sorry I Killed Your Cat is back with the Original cast reviving their roles.

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