Have you ever worked up with hazy memory of what may have happened the previous night? These two Irish lasses certainly have and it hits them with equal levels shame as it does pride. Pulled is a comedy addressing the party side of 21st century womanhood. Unfortunately this promising premise never fully delivers.

With underwhelming comedy and a whole lot of filler, It is unlikely that Pulled is going to be a highlight of any great night out.

On returning home from a night out, Amanda is faced with her door broken in and her best mate Michelle lying on her sofa, hung-over and with little memory of why she got there. It becomes clear that both the girls had ‘pulled’ the previous night, but when Michelle realises that she may not have used protection the girls team up to get her a morning after pill.

The story is told through essentially an hour long blonde joke based on party-girl stereotypes which receive a cold reception. This style doesn’t take long to wear thin. The piece acts as a celebration of brazen female sexuality but fails to make any profound comment on it. By sitting in the audience, you agree to become one of Amanda’s ‘followers’ in a Twitter-like fashion. The performers are fully aware of the audience’s presence before this and welcome you into their intimate setting. Often her ‘followers’ are asked to comment on what they see happening, making the production engaging in a very direct way. If there is a strength to the performance, it is the audience/performer connection which is established.

However, this is not enough to make up for the attempted comedy throughout. Many of the jokes simply don’t land, either through poor delivery or the writing just being inherently unfunny. Some sections drag on far longer than necessary, such as watching the girls put on full faces of makeup; this makes the show feel like a very long sit. The inclusion of a projection screen above the actors also seemed misjudged. When it was used the timings were often slightly off but on top of this it’s overbearing looming presence detracted from the personal quality of sitting in her living-room. With underwhelming comedy and a whole lot of filler, It is unlikely that Pulled is going to be a highlight of any great night out.  

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The Blurb

There's no such this as a walk of shame! Pulled is an uncompromising, utterly hilarious new Irish comedy. Meet Amanda and Michelle, as they retrace their alcohol-fuelled steps from the night before through a trail of Twitter, Facebook and shameless selfies, and tackle such existential questions as how did I get here? Did I pull last night? Hungover, emotional and gloriously unapologetic, these two man-eating young wans strut their stuff pushing buttons and boundaries… until Michelle finds herself in need of the morning after pill, and they’re reminded that there’s a price to be paid.