Out of the Blue

I remember the time when, several years ago, Out of the Blue came to my school and did an assembly. One of its members had been a student there, and wanted to come and visit again. In an arduous disarray of teenage angst, I remember distinctly thinking that I was far too cool for acapella, and swore I wouldn’t ever be caught at one of their shows, even if you paid me. All I can say is that I’m glad opinions change when you grow up.

Out of the Blue dances the afternoon away to the delight of an awestruck audience.

With acapella comes a risk of it becoming corny. Whilst this is admittedly part of the charm, Out of the Blue manages to get the best of both worlds by incorporating both contemporary chart hits and more retro numbers in their routine. Alternating between genres in a set that included Justin Bieber and Footloose, they ensured that there was something for everyone, although I’m sure they could have made Amazon’s terms and conditions sound magnificent if they had tried that too.

A professional, fearless and heart-warming show, Out of the Blue will have you smiling from ear to ear. In the age of acapella there is a wealth of options from which to choose, but take my word for it: these boys are the real deal; these boys are pitch perfect.

Reviews by Matthew Sedman

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The Blurb

Prepare to be hooked by Oxford's premiere all-male a cappella troupe! With over 15 million hits on YouTube, the Fringe's biggest selling student show is sure to bring smiles all round. Expect vocal acrobatics, eclectic repertoire, and ludicrous choreography which never fail to delight – for their fourteenth year in a row, Out of the Blue are well and truly back! Out of the Blue are proud to announce that their show will again be supporting Helen and Douglas House, the world's first children's hospice, based in their Oxford home.