One Of Those

Creator Tom Ward-Thomas has written a two-act comedy that peers into the lives of passengers commuting to Cornwall.

Ward-Thomas delivers a compact script with strong one-liners that are perhaps more evident in the second act.

The first act looks at an encounter between James and Laura. Both characters are not what they appear. James, a seemingly wealthy well-to-do man about town is actually the father of a seven year old, trying to make his way in the world as a rap singer songwriter. Laura is mid twenties and living in the bubble of a five year relationship with her boss. Both characters offend the other, him by his lack of tact and ability to pronounce the inappropriate and her by actions, taking it upon herself to send a text on James’ phone. They rub each other up the wrong way but at the end there is the sense that perhaps there will be more than just a brief encounter for them.

The second act offers the unravelling of Philip; on board with Davina for a naughty weekend away, they are caught by his wife Alice. The event causes Alice and Philip to actually talk about their relationship and we see a spiral of decay; from the mis-communication played over many years, to the point they have grown apart. Through this airing of grievances there is the faint hope that a re-connection will follow.

Ward-Thomas delivers a compact script with strong one-liners that are perhaps more evident in the second act. Clearly talented at writing he provides well-rounded characters and has a good eye for comedy. A little re-working to make the endings a bit punchier perhaps would complete the two acts more fully, but overall the piece was very entertaining and witty.

Nicely underplayed by the actors, One of Those could easily fall into a bawdy farce but the talents of the cast help to deliver a truthful delivery. Tom Ward-Thomas is endearing as James and Hayley Coe holds her own as Laura. Paul Ansdell deftly handles his role as Philip, nicely balancing the emotions of the piece. Kate Gilbert as Davina could go further with her sex kitten vamp but easily captures the essence of the role. Maggie Robson as Alice blusters her way through the shock of the situation and delivers great comic timing, assisted by the strength of the Albee-like lines.

One of Those is definitely one worth a visit and Ward-Thomas is one of those who hopefully we will be seeing a lot more from in the future.

Reviews by Greg Smith

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The Blurb

When boredom sets in on a long train journey, two young strangers James and Laura start a conversation.

Two carriages down, Philip and Davina eagerly anticipate a dirty clandestine weekend, whilst unknown to them, Philip’s wife Alice is in the buffet car. ‘One of Those’ is a two act comedy drama about stereotypes and judgements and when clashing personalities are forced to collide.