Nick Hall: Live!

It always seems like a good idea to take a chance on the Free Fringe, to discover your new favourite comedian before they start charging a fortune for their tickets. However, sifting through to find the real gem in amongst the Free Fringe can be very difficult, so when an established sketch maestro like Nick Hall presents his first hour long show for the PBH Free Fringe, you can relax and bask in the knowledge that you found a really good one this time.

Hall’s set is an in-depth description of his life, going way back to birth right up until the present day. Topics covered include his first few jobs, an unfortunate running accident and his time at the top as a comedian. There is certainly a tongue-in-cheek vanity present throughout the show, but not an in off-putting way, more of a hilarious round up of one man’s misfortunes.

It is these misfortunes that have set Hall up to be the man that he is. His charming tales of a childhood in Watford and of a career that mapped out his ideals of bravery, are told with enthusiasm and charisma. Hall knows that his life is not significant in the grand scheme of things, but it is the extravagant way he tells his stories that make him so utterly funny.

Nick Hall is part of comedy sketch group The Three Englishmen and this shines through in his performance. His optimism for his own downfalls is beautifully acted out, with the comedic timing of a true sketch professional. His blown-up tales of being a normal man are easy to relate to, and simple to follow, meaning that Hall is one of the great finds of this year's Free Fringe.


The Blurb

Nick Hall from hit sketch act The Three Englishmen, ‘Impossible not to be won over’ (, presents his debut stand-up show. ***** (ThreeWeeks). **** (List). **** (Skinny). As featured on BBC2, BBC3, BBC Radio 4. @ThisisNickHall