NewsRevue 24/7

NewsRevue's show at the Fringe is predictably excellent. Given the benefit of their permanent run in London, and years of experience in Edinburgh, how could they possibly go wrong. At this point, the cynical amongst you may think I'd add some witty comment about how they've managed to bugger it up this year, but no - it's as irreverent and close-to-the-bone as ever.

Michael Jackson, The Pope and Chavs are just some of their topical targets in a whirlwind of sketches and musical numbers. Nothing is sacred for the team that hold the Guinness Book of Records title for longest running live comedy show in the world. The London Bombings aren't 'too soon', and in fact you get the impression that even if they had happened only last week, that still isn't 'too soon' for this show. Their brand of satire has razor-sharp teeth.

Unless their was a serious change in direction; all the understudies had to go on; it was a slow news year and the ravens left the Tower of London, NewsRevue is always going to be a safe bet for belly-aching laughs. This year is no exception.

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