Mr Susie's To Earth With Love

Ricky Tin lives in a bin in the year 1920. He sings ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ repeatedly and his talent (or profound lack thereof) is heard by Mr Susie, from the other side of the universe, who wishes to seek him out. If you dislike absurd, out-of-this-world humour then this is definitely not the show for you.

Both characters are played by the comedian Mark Davison. Whilst running off stage during costume changes, a voice-over narrates the story, attempting to bring some structure to an otherwise directionless and meaningless act. From the appallingly bad Russian accent to the deeply offensive pink lycra outfit, the whole act is bizarre. ‘Zebras are responsible for jazz’ Davison claims ‘and should be beaten’. Reluctantly, the audience is roped into participating as he has a number of props handed out.

Despite his high-energy and fast pace, the crowd seemed thoroughly unimpressed. Davison’s humour just seems a little too outlandish and although there was clearly not meant to be any rhyme or reason to his jokes, they often fall flat on an audience who were genuinely a bit scared about what he would do next.

What redeemed the performance slightly was the series of made-up words that he had created. When Davison moves away from his fantastical characters, there is a small glimmer of hope that behind his mask of ridiculousness, is a naturally witty man.

Be prepared to enter a world devoid of any meaning and brace for yourselves for a whirlwind of gimmicks.

Reviews by Emily Edwards


The Blurb

Mark Davison (BBC3's Kerry Howard Show, Channel 4's Dr Brown Show) returns as Mr Susie. He's here to help. A shame he knows absolutely nothing. '100% charming and totally hilarious' ***** (