Improv Noir

Eager to entertain, all-female group Improv Noir follow the well-trodden formula of inviting ideas from the audience as to a place and a character then spend the next hour creating a story around the chosen theme.

An hour passes rather swiftly amidst the mayhem of the story-telling.

As always with improv, an open mind is needed to be able to go with the flow as the piece unfolds. Well-rounded theatre this ain’t, but watching performers reverse out of blind alleys or manage to deliver a comedy callback without a script is all part of the fun. At times it’s all a bit frenetic with everyone wanting to have their say, at other times the creative juices are flowing less freely, but an hour passes rather swiftly amidst the mayhem of the story-telling.

This troupe look out for each other and there is a good camaraderie between the girls as they take it in turns to play out their scenes. Of course there are moments where a little devilish side appears as they try to trip each other up, but this all adds to the entertainment.

Some voices are louder than others and some are more suited for improv, but as an ensemble they work well.

Reviews by Greg Smith

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The Blurb

Improv Noir are an all-girl comedy troupe unlike any other in the UK! With a little help from the audience they create a darkly comic tale of intrigue in one act. The script? Nowhere to be seen! Not for this youthful, high-energy troupe, anyway… An entirely original “film noir” comedy performance is improvised at every live show. If you’re a classic movie fan and enjoy stories about femme fatales, mobsters and private eyes you won’t want to miss them as part of Henley Fringe!

Improv Noir consists of Sayde Scarlett, Bhavnisha Parmar, Cecillie Aclon, Holly Georgia, Hayley-Marie Axe, Rebecca Darmody, Jade O’Sullivan and Annina Kaski. Sayde brought the group together in early 2014. After graduating from drama school in 2013, Sayde found her true calling in comedy and has been a feature on the London improv scene ever since. A lifelong classic film fanatic, Improv Noir happily combines two of Sayde’s greatest loves.

Improv Noir’s members originate from Dubai, India, Copenhagen and Finland as well as the UK, making them one of the most diverse troupes on the circuit. Collectively, the girls’ work includes very serious parts in Shakespeare, Chekhov, and a wide range of theatrical productions as well as Bafta nominated short films, music videos and TV. The troupe came about because each member was keen to do more comedy. The team can usually be found rehearsing in a wrestling gym in South London or hustling for performance opportunities on the comedy circuit.