Hip Hop Time Machine

If you don’t know your Grandmaster Flash from Public Enemy, then Hip Hop Time Machine is going to seem less like a nostalgic reminder of your childhood and more like you’ve actually stepped into a time machine. The premise of the club night takes you through the decades, from the 80s right up to the present, and there’s six hours of it — perfect for anyone who really wants to immerse themselves in the genre.

Whether you enjoy old or new hip hop, the Time Machine delivers

Something could also be said for the arrangement of tracks, with better mixes made at certain parts of the night. That said, it was the kind of night where every single person who walked onto the dancefloor never left. hip hop is a style of music that unites people, and on an occasion like this it became even more apparent as there were individuals that came alone, seeking out the sheer pleasure in simply listening and dancing to arguably one of the most important and influential genres to ever have emerged.

As the room slowly became more and more packed, the music took a turn into the 90s with Dr Dre, 2Pac and Jay Z, followed by the noughties with the likes of Kanye and those currently relishing in riding the Hip Hop wave like Kendrick Lamar. It included music that spans decades that drew in a diverse demographic. Whether you enjoy old or new hip hop, the Time Machine ultimately delivers what it sets out to do — to transport you back to a time when you had hope and remind you to never lose it. 

Reviews by Sophia Charalambous

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The Blurb

The world famous Hip Hop Time Machine lands in Edinburgh for a run of selected Fringe shows. Prepare to be transported in a complete audio-visual, interactive journey through the greatest music genre of all time. From the funk ridden days of Grandmaster Flash and the hoods of L.A with N.W.A. right through to the modern masters like A$AP Rocky. Kanye to Kendrick, Jay Z to J Cole, Dr Dre to Drake… Live interactive audio-visual performance, live breakdancing, hip hop-related showcases. Hip Hop Time Machine has arrived!