Four Monologues

From an initial four to a now fuller six, Bridget Fraser has written a stunning set of monologues that appear at first hand to have little connection to each other but actually relate to those on the fringes of society who otherwise may not be heard. At the core of each character is the power and strength of love and the lengths that people will go to for it.

Emphasis on the writing with a well-judged use of costume and props gives power and weight to the whole show.

From a concentration camp survivor and her unfulfilling second husband; a tramp to a newly qualified embalmer, each character is thoughtfully and expertly rounded. Each monologue beguiles and enchants leading us into stories that are fascinating, interesting and entertaining.

This is a tour de force piece for Alice Corrigan who is simply sublime in her characters, each being so individual and distinct from each other. Her talents shine through from the moment she begins, revealing her vulnerability and making this piece a beautiful emotional journey that Corrigan skilfully guides us through.

Simon Hedger has a lovely gentle manner in his performance balancing nicely against the more expressive monologues. His calmness radiates empathy for his farmer’s role whose main focus is of doing his duty to the tramp that tries to outwit society. He performs his roles both assiduously and credibly.

Jo Southwell has directed a stellar piece of theatre and the use of monologues certainly works wonders for fringe shows. Emphasis on the writing with a well-judged use of costume and props gives power and weight to the whole show.

Heart-warming, funny and thought provoking, All in the Mind is definitely not to be missed as this show delivers on every level.

Reviews by Greg Smith

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The Blurb

Explore the human condition and the hand life deals us. These characters are slightly unhinged, sad, content, bitter-sweet but never bitter. Or are they ? Listen to their stories, draw your own conclusions. A thought provoking show.

Be there.

In 2013 Bridget’s play, Vintage Luggage played to sell-out audiences for the Henley Fringe. She is a published writer, poet and film-maker. She founded the Free Range Poets of Barn Galleries who read regularly for the Henley Literary Festival.