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A marathon is a metaphor for life in this interactive, multimedia promenade. The action follows Melanie Jones, writer and performer, as she travels a 5km distance from Assembly Square to the foot of Arthur’s Seat. The audience follows, at a run or a brisk walk, listening to the runner’s thoughts and relocations on loaned mp3 players.

It’s an original and successfully carried through concept, well orchestrated by friendly and capable attendants who join the promenade to ensure no one is left behind. Running isn’t obligatory and Jones’ pace is carefully controlled and punctuated by stops in order for the audience to catch up.

Jones’ monologue follows the tribulations and challenges the runner has undergone, both in training and life. It’s poetic, whimsical, and at points darkly comic. There were moments, however, when intimate monologue became overly labored and melodramatic, while some poetic phrases were unfortunately grating. Dramatic moments became more effective, however, when matched with a bracing run to keep up, heavy breathing, and blood pumping bolstering the impassioned text.

Interspersed amongst the sprints are short dance sequences. Warm ups and stretches are turned into elegant, tender motions and, as the pressure rises, obsessive calculations are transformed into sharp, staccato gestures. As an interactive performer, Jones is effortlessly natural and encouraging. In an inspiring and beautiful moment she took hold of an audience member’s hands, grinned and scampered off with them into the woodland, beckoning to the lagging audience seductively. She’s brave and uninhibited, creating physical connections with each audience member.

The dreamlike and mellifluous soundtrack, sung and composed by Scandinavian Christine Owman specifically for the show, is a bewitching accompaniment. It’s an invigorating experience and I thoroughly recommend it if you can keep up.

Venue Number 3. Assembly George Square, George Square, EH8 9LH. 9-19 August 14:00 (1 hour 15 minutes). Suitability: 16+. Adult content

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Fresh from its London Olympics run, Endure presents one runner’s marathon as a metaphor for life’s losses and triumphs. Immersive, gorgeous, raw, poetic, hilarious and honest. 2011 Most Memorable Theatre Moment, **** (Calgary Herald).

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