This is what the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is all about. From countless overheard snippets of audience conversation after the show, I think I speak on behalf of all of us when I say that we left having been thoroughly flirted with and won over by Head First Acrobats. Everyone had a fantastic time. The energetic Thomas, Cal and Rowan just kept on wowing, performing clowning, acrobatics and dance which got more ridiculous – and impressive – as the night went on.

If you are keen to be blown away by something fun, sexy and stunning, go and see this show.

The premise is intriguing and fun: a lab in which three scientists experiment with various elixirs, using themselves as guinea pigs. Their aim: to create the elixir of life. The outcome: circus chaos and zombie breakdancing with periods of comedy clowning and prank playing that give way to moments of jaw-dropping acrobatics. I sit open-mouthed for longer than is socially acceptable at one point as Rowan evolves from dumb clumsiness into an all-guns-blazing Cyr wheel routine.

These in-between moments of silliness perfectly outline the strong performances which occur while the acrobats are supposedly under the influence of the elixir. Although these slower moments sometimes go on for a little too long, the boys have charm in buckets and the “wow” sections more than make up for any small lags earlier in the show.

I leave feeling utterly pumped and, not to mention, a little in love. If you are keen to be blown away by something fun, sexy and stunning, go and see this show.

Reviews by Chloe-Louise Saunders

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The Blurb

Winner – First and Foremost Entertainment Award Brighton Fringe 2015. Elixir is circus with a difference! Uninhibited by cliché or expectation, subversive and hilarious, the story follows three enthusiastic and acrobatic scientists who attempt to create the elixir of life. The mayhem that follows is a beautiful mix of incredible acrobatics and impeccable comic timing. **** (EdFest.com). **** (TheReviewsHub.com). ***** (TheBuzzFromSydney.com). ***** (RipItUp.com.au). 'High powered acrobatics, a brilliant stumble of slapstick and a shimmy of burlesque' (Herald). 'Raucous, late night circus with mesmerising skill' (TheReviewsHub.com). 'An overwhelmingly fun atmosphere' (Edfest.com).