Damian Clark in G'Damo!

Damian Clark is a lovely person: not only will he greet every person on the way in to his show, but he’s also got an awesome prop to keep us all cool (and I’m not going to give the gag away) The title of his show stems from his nickname ‘Damo’, the G’ representing the fact that he is Australian. Not to be misread as ‘Gee Damo’, a very different show altogether, ‘G’Damo’ is 50 minutes of light-hearted and original material, mostly about his amazing cat.

Drunken anecdotes, interpretive dance and various animal impressions come naturally to Damo Clark. He also uses some stereotypical Australian-ness in his delivery: he is cool, laid back and very funny. Silliness aside however, Clark is a family man who obviously loves his wife and cat. Clark’s cat is prevalent in a lot of his jokes and by the end of his set I have fallen in love with this cat as much as I have Clark himself.

Clark performs with enthusiasm and energy, and with a clean understanding of what stand-up comedy is. Watching the show is like being in a bubble of good times, and he will certainly keep you on your toes from start to finish. He may be playing in the Guilded Balloon’s ‘Wee Room’, but Damian Clark is certainly not a wee comedian, and instead, is big on comedy and full of fun.


The Blurb

Aussie boy Damian Clark explodes back to the Fringe for his second solo show of high octane mayhem. 'Bladder burstingly funny' (Chortle.co.uk). Total sell-out Glasgow Comedy Festival 2013. Sell-out Edinburgh Fringe 2011.