If you’re in search of the next big thing this Fringe, look no further. In Bump, 22-year-old Lily is horrified to discover she is pregnant after a one-night stand. With no-one to turn to, we meet her in the waiting room of an abortion clinic as she tentatively recounts the events that led her here. Devised by Rosa Torr, Rosa Bowden and Cathal Sheerin, this is a beautifully balanced exploration of body image, friendship and growing up that young women will wholeheartedly identify with.

Cleverly and sensitively presents the experience of abortion minus the heavy moral questions

Bump is an impressively well-balanced performance. While accompanying serious themes with humour, the laughs in this show never feel strained or inappropriate. Lily, assisting her mother at a cake stall after a big night out, is simply hilarious, and there’s plenty more besides that. Alternating between Lily’s private thoughts and her voiced reactions to events also makes for some great comedy. The script is consistently witty and punchy to keep an audience on their toes. Though Lily’s situation is difficult, she’s such a heart-warming character that she doesn’t evoke pity so much as hope. She’s complex, flawed and, above all, relatable.

In this role, Rosa Torr shows incredible talent. The odd and eccentric personas that she brings to life on stage leave the audience in hysterics. Maxine, a boastful health freak who loves a good spin class, is definitely a favourite. Although Torr flits between characters with flair and speed, there is never any confusion as to who is speaking. She is absolutely captivating to watch throughout.

In short, Bump is a must-see for young women at the Fringe. It cleverly and sensitively presents the experience of abortion minus the heavy moral questions that most theatre about the subject focuses on. This is simply one girl’s story, and it is told beautifully.

Reviews by Carla van der Sluijs

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The Blurb

Lily is 23, young, free and single and waiting for her life to start, but she's hit a bump. Bump is a tale of some of the awkward encounters and nauseating moments that make up a girl’s life. Meet Lily and hear her story as she confronts her choices in the waiting room of an abortion clinic. Bump is a visceral and fast paced one-woman show exploring the journey from girl to womanhood.