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Idle Eye (spoken word/comedy) and Jenny Vegas (comedy) welcome you to 'Broken Biscuits', a four-act variety event comprising the very best of spoken word, music, character comedy, short animations and a guest compere. Pack a brush! 'Broken Biscuits' started in April 2016 as a vehicle to promote the satirical Idle Eye book 'Amateur of Life and Death'. Since then, it has become a collaborative, four-act variety event (including regulars/co-organisers Idle Eye and Jenny Vegas) that combines spoken word, comedy and music. Dan Laidler’s animated mini-series 'Windy’s Farm' has also become a feature, and the night is hosted by a guest compere. Performers to date have included Lorraine Bowen, Joanna Neary, Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer, David Quantick, Jules Oliver, Jenny Lockyer, Helen Thorn, Kate Tym and many more.
11th May 20177:30pmThe Bee's Mouth Bar and Gallery
12th May 20177:30pmThe Bee's Mouth Bar and Gallery
13th May 20177:30pmThe Bee's Mouth Bar and Gallery
31st May 20177:45pmThe Warren: Main House
Russell Place, Brighton, East Sussex

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