Brain Rinse

Entering the room for Brain Rinse, the audience are engulfed by eerie music and the lurking of an arabianesque ninja creeping about the studio. There is a pantomime element to the performance by Mike Raffone (say it quickly) and as the music stops, we are promised ‘a transcendental experience’.

Discover the art of your inner ninja through the ancient and noble art of joining in!

This slapstick comedy provides several unique characters, pulling together the thread of discovering our inner ninja in exchange for audience participation. There is a sergeant major demanding physical drills, and a cult leader attempting to engage the audience in a mass orgy. Props a-plenty, you can be anything you want to be in Brain Rinse - from a man mountain to a helicopter or perhaps even a sexpert indulging in a ménage à trois. However if personal space is your thing, perhaps it's not the show for you.

Raffone’s performance is confident and polished, which enables him to take the audience on this journey with him. Make no mistake - this is full audience participation. However Raffone succeeds in making this fun, with no embarrassing requests. As the theme of brain rinsing threads through the performance, Raffone expertly teaches the art of self discipline, endurance and conquering our inner desire - all with a smile on his face. Raffone's easy demeanour and persuasive personality warm the audience up immediately, with no request too much. He expertly manipulates the audience to a startling conclusion where we realise that all but one has been well and truly rinsed.

Compelling, convivial and a whole lot of fun, Brain Rinse is a fantastic way to spend an hour during this festival.

Reviews by Jodie McVicar

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The Blurb

Runner-up Best Comedy Show Buxton Fringe 2017. Brain Rinse is a bizarre, madcap, interactive sketch show starring you, the audience. Love, war, suicide, Beethoven, sex therapy and more. Big themes... made stupid. Discover your inner ninja! Have a party! Have your brain rinsed! You will have to join in. Be slightly afraid. 'A fantastic presence on stage' (Stephanie Billen). 'Top notch audience psychology. All hail!' (John Fleming). 'Very funny' (Guardian).