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Booking Dance Festival’s annual Fringe show always promises a high-octane hybrid of dance styles, with seven companies participating in one enticing show. Founder and producer Jodi Kaplan returns for a fifth year with an eclectic mix of performers who give a taste of everything from Aerial and Latin African to Fosse dancing.

This year’s programme opens with a flamboyant, vibrant performance from Metamorphoses Dance, a Latin African duo from Mozambique who, impressively in sync, stun with their well-executed sharp moves. Their fantastic energy and sass, coupled with their colourful costumes, made Metamorphoses visually pleasurable.

BodyStories, under the careful artistic direction of Teresa Fellion, embody the raw experience of human encounters through the medium of dance. They offer an innovative expression of the difficult coming of age phase of adolescent life - exploring the mental and physical changes in this quirky routine. It is only a shame that the spoken parts in this dance were drowned out by the music, however, the overall effect was captured through the dancers exaggerated facial expressions and body language.

Another stand out-group was Scorpius Dance Theatre, who highlighted their immeasurable talent with a technically masterful aerial performance. Combining artistic endeavours with athletic prowess, the aesthetics of this restraint piece were mesmerising. Scorpius Dance Theatre took to the stage again to close the show with a delightful modern jazz routine, ending the show with as much energy and excitement as it began.

The diversity of this showcase allows it to appeal to everyone, with some routines exciting more than others. Featuring a variety of enticing choreography and engaging, consummate dancers, Booking Dance Festival certainly has something for everyone. Although some dances were not quite as enchanting as others, there is no denying the physical ability and talent of all the performers.

Venue Number 150. Venue150 @ EICC, 150 Morrison Street,The Exchange, EH3 8EE. 14-18 August 14:15 (1 hour 30 minutes). Suitability: U.

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A five-star dance festival within a festival! Extraordinary, captivating dance performed by awe-inspiring companies from the USA. From aerial to jazz to American great Bob Fosse! Be moved! Bite-sized festival format. ‘Perfect for Fringe lovers!’ (ThreeWeeks).

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Seven Dance Companies from the USA in One Show

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