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Blak Whyte Gray is a galvanising dance theatre work from award-winning East London hip-hop company Boy Blue Entertainment. It’s a bold and brilliant dance creation combining tightly drilled choreography and a ground-shaking electronic score.

A world in flux; a need for change. The time is right to ask questions, to break free from a system that no longer works – and emerge to a new awakening.

Three dancers straightjacketed in a cage of light judder as dance energy flows through them. A battalion of dancers, their bodies synchronised and syncopated, find flow in elegant, ever-changing formations amid their brute force. A lone figure – staggering, barely alive – is returned to life and freedom by his mysterious comrades.

Formed in 2002 by urban choreographer Kenrick ‘H2O’ Sandy and producer/composer Michael ‘Mikey J’ Asante, Boy Blue Entertainment brings hip-hop from the streets and clubs firmly into the theatre, marrying music and movement in innovative shows that blister with emotional energy. Boy Blue won an Olivier Award for their raw, urban Pied Piper and they also nurture new urban talent through a collection of groundbreaking

youth companies.

Boy Blue’s previous shows have drawn wild acclaim for their big, bold storytelling and irresistible rhythmic grooves. Blak Whyte Gray returns to Boy Blue’s roots in pure hip-hop, with a fierce political bite, unforgettable stage imagery and a driving musical score.

Sometimes mysterious and personal, always infectious and energising, Blak Whyte Gray is hip-hop dance theatre as a profoundly human experience.

It's pure physical poetry - a joy to watch

The Stage

I would urge everyone to catch the virtuosic artists of Boy Blue

Financial Times

Boy Blue Entertainment also performs Project R.E.B.E.L at Castlebrae Community High School.

16th Aug 20177:30pmThe Lyceum
30b Grindlay Street Edinburgh
17th Aug 20177:30pmThe Lyceum
30b Grindlay Street Edinburgh
18th Aug 20177:30pmThe Lyceum
30b Grindlay Street Edinburgh
19th Aug 20172:30pmThe Lyceum
30b Grindlay Street Edinburgh
19th Aug 20177:30pmThe Lyceum
30b Grindlay Street Edinburgh

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