Alan Hudson's Not So Secret World of Magic

Alan Hudson tries something a little different with this magic show, choosing to weave his tricks around a story of how he came to be at the Fringe in the first place. It makes for an engaging enough hour, though the tricks failed to induce a child-like awe for stage magic and the gags were never more than endearingly funny.

Hudson changes costumes throughout the show, moving from school blazer to evening wear as he progresses through a somewhat less than exciting magical career those promised us by Harry Potter. He recalls the utter drudgery of doing corporate events, demonstrating the benefits of various consultancy solutions by impossibly interlocking a series of metal rings, an impressive feat performed with an air of soul-sapped tedium. Anecdotes about working at children's parties and cruise ships completed the picture of the somewhat limited options for those trying to make money out of magic. His recollection of the heckles he's had to accept as part of the trade is particularly enjoyable and presented with an expression of politely amused fury.

Hudson is understated in his presentation of the impossible, so we don't get the full flourish that might make us really sit up and take notice. One trick that really stood out was a slightly disconcerting moment when a fellow critic was brought up on stage accidentally, with a positive quote from his publication added to the “prediction” Hudson made. It reminded us that the performer was capable of adapting his magic to circumstances. However, other than this the magic was pretty safe and uninspiring, though a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. Sparks didn't fly but neither were curses cast.

The Blurb

Quirky illusions and hilarious tales from Alan's magical life, mainly about tricks going horribly wrong. From ITV’s Fool Us, 'We loved your act' (Penn & Teller). Warning: may contain LOLs. No refunds.