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Clique’s Milly Thomas Dives in at the Deep End with Two Plays this Fringe

Writer and actor Milly Thomas is best known in the theatre world for her 2016 play Clickbait and for writing an episode of Clique on BBC Three. This Fringe she is presenting two plays of her own penning: Dust at Underbelly – which she also stars in – and Brutal Cessation at Assembly. James T. Harding met her to talk about the process behind the two plays, her duty of care to the audience, and how best to support emerging, diverse writers.

Edinburgh Barstar of the Day: Denise Garland

Formerly a parsonage, Cloisters Bar is a uniquely traditional Edinburgh pub. Richard ventured over to the north west tip of the Meadows to meet today's Edinburgh Barstar, Denise Garland, a New Zealander who's travelling the world.

Edinburgh Barstar of the Day: Maurice Penny

Just off the Royal Mile and Cowgate you'll find a craft beer shop and bar called the Salt Horse. You'll also find Maurice Penny, who just happens to be our Edinburgh Barstar of the Day.

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