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Ten ways to screw up your show in Edinburgh

Over 3,000 separate productions will squeeze themselves into Edinburgh this August and the slightly depressing reality is that most will not achieve their objectives for the festival.

#EdFringe17: Mark Thomas Gambles on the Future

In a frank 15 minute interview, Mark gives his reaction to the rise of Corbyn, the murder at Grenfell Tower and the growing irrelevance of The Sun and the Daily Mail. Also featuring stand up performance taking on the the arms trade. Plus, Mark’s new show, that quite literally gambles with the future.

#EdFringe17: Charmian Hughes Soixante Mirth

What if you met your younger self? Are you the person they wanted you to be? To find the answers, join Charmian in 15 minutes of performance and chat, as she encounters earlier versions of herself in a comedy trip where stand-up meets time travel.

#EdFringe17: Ben Van der Velde’s Sidekick

Some people are life's heroes: leading men and women full of swash, buckle and derring-do. Others just hold their jackets. Join Ben for 15 minutes of stand up and chat as he salutes the Barney Rubbles, Boo-Boos and Dr Watsons of the world.

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