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Murder in the West End!

There’s Murder in the West End this Halloween as an ancient curse turns cast members of London’s leading shows into method-acting murderers! The curtain has fallen on unsuspecting cast, crew and front of house, meeting their maker in ghoulish fashion. Be it strangled by a lasso, bumped off by a dustbin lid or smothered by a chocolate gateaux..

Buddhism, Development and Daphne with Screenwriter Nico Mensinga

Daphne is a coming-of-age movie about a 28, sorry, 31-year-old woman who witnesses a stabbing in a corner shop. Forced to confront her own mortality, she must reevaluate her own life, including her opinion of her mother's way of dealing with terminal cancer and her attitude towards love which, after Freud, she believes is a psychosis. Broadway Baby’s James T. Harding met screenwriter Nico Mensinga at the UK premiere of Daphne in Edinburgh to talk about Buddhism, film development, and random acts of kindness.

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