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Canadian Baba Brinkman is a rapper and comedian. His pear reviewed shows communicate scientific ideas through rap and rhyme. Comedy A-Z


Off the Top 2015 ★★★★
Baba Brinkman (science rapper, Fringe First winner, and half the cast of Off The Top) really loves his wife. His adoration radiates off him in a warming glow and is very much welcomed by his flustered, soggy audience (the great Scottish weather had not been kind that morning) who...
Baba Brinkman - The Rap Guide to Religion 2014 ★★★★
The bringing together of incongruous generic and thematic elements (my favourite being Bereavement: The Musical) is nothing new. In fact, the ever-proliferating and increasingly inappropriate juxtapositions have begun to seem gratuitous. Yet Baba Brinkman’s cleverness is in...
The Rap Guide To Evolution 2009 ★★★★
There are big names behind this show which starts with some stunning visual film sequences from the Wellcome Trust. Dr Mark Pallen, author of The Rough Guide to Evolution, made sure it had sufficient scientific rigour and it stars Baba Brinkman, one of the world’s great intelligent rappers. The...
Rap Guide to Human Nature 2010 ★★★★
Here is a extremely entertaining show that conveys more scientific and theoretical information than any other show I have seen. But it is still very funny. There is a line about menstruation that had most of the audience gagging. There is stuff about ovulation. There is material about the...


BB Radio: Baba Brinkman - the globe's only peer reviewed rapper 2015
Fringe First winner Baba Brinkman is a Canadian rapper who uses comedy and rhyme to explore scientific concepts. As Martin Walker learns, it isn’t always easy to have scientists peer reviewing your shows…
The Baba Brinkman Three Minute Interview 2014
Baba Brinkman picked up a Fringe First for The Rap Guide to Evolution back in 2009. This year he offers a trio of shows including Off the Top, The Canterbury Tales Remixed and The Rap Guide to Religion. Martin Walker caught up with Brinkman to find out more.



Rap Guide to Climate Chaos 2015
Global warming, how bad can it really be? That depends on who's asking. Some species will do pretty well (algae, cockroaches, jellyfish), others are facing certain extinction. Likewise, some people are in a better position to capitalize on climate chaos than others. Fringe First winner Baba...
Off the Top 2015
Fringe First winner and science rapper Baba Brinkman (Rap Guide to Evolution) teams up with neuroscientist Dr Heather Berlin to explore the brain basis of improvisation. What’s going on under the hood when a musician or comic improvises, and why are the spontaneous moments of life the most...
Baba Brinkman - The Rap Guide to Religion 2014
Baba's unique brand of 'peer reviewed rap' brings together hip-hop, comedy, and behavioural sciences, striving to make sense of nature's most unpredictable primate. So what about religious beliefs? Do they provide an evolutionary benefit, or are they nothing but a virus of the mind? It's time to...
The Rap Guide To Evolution 2009
'The Rap Guide to Evolution' by Baba Brinkman explores the history and current understanding of Darwin's theory through the medium of hip-hop storytelling. The creator of 'The Rap Canterbury Tales' - ***** (Scotsman) - tackles Darwin. Scientifically accurate and seriously funny.
Rap Guide to Evolution 2010
Baba Brinkman's 'intelligent, informative, and, crucially, hugely entertaining' ( rap remix of modern evolutionary theory is back by popular demand. Can white people be afro-centric? What rhymes with Australopithecus afarensis? Prepare to evolve.
Rap Guide to Human Nature 2010
Fringe First winner 2009 for 'his brilliantly conceived, effervescently performed,' (Scotsman, 'Rap Guide to Evolution'); Baba Brinkman returns with a dangerous new comedy rap invention. Gangsters, gold-diggers, and the science of behaviour.

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