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Have you ever wondered which areas of town have the highest rated shows? Or whether the Edinburgh Fringe has moved steadily south of Princes Street over the years? Well wonder no longer, because thanks to the Broadway Baby databases, Patrick Wied's excellent Heatmap routine and a little bit of jiggery pokery with Google Maps, we can show you interactive 'Heat Maps' of the Fringe. None of this really means anything though, but isn't it fascinating to look at? NOTE: If you're using IE, you'll need version 9+ for this to work.

This map shows the average star rating on Broadway Baby by area. The data is skewed the further you zoom out as all the ratings in a similar area merge together, but when you zoom in you can see the smaller venues tend to do better than the big guys. You can probably explain that because the bigger guys have more shows, which is more likely to flatten their average. Still, interesting, no?

This map shows where the shows are distributed in 2017. There is a definite hub from North Bridge down to George Square, and crossing from the Castle to Pleasance. The Assembly Rooms and Spiegeltent has given a hotspot on George Street, and south west, the Acoustic Music Centre and St Brides is glowing brightly too.

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