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Looking to make a real impact for your show? There's no better option than the Broadway Baby Takeover Ad. As you can see from the example on this page - you can't help but notice it!

A 'Takeover Ad' offers far more prominence than standard banner advertising. Your advertising message wraps the top of every page on Broadway Baby, making it impossible to ignore. Stats show engagement with Takeover Ads are far higher than traditional banner ads; visitors don't get the 'banner blindness' that has caused click through rates on standard banners to drop to a fraction of one percent.

Rather than our normal pay-per-impression basis we use for other banners on the site, Takeover Ads are on a tenancy basis, so your message will show on every page to every visitor for the period of your tenancy. Typically that will be one day, but you can book Takeover Ads for whatever period you wish.

The Technical Bit

Takeover ads consist of three graphics. A large background JPG image 1920px x 1200px which fades to a solid colour at the bottom. This image shouldn't contain any text, as depending on which platform or browser the visitor is using, parts of it may be obscured. The text and main messaging should appear in a transparent PNG image which sits at the top of the page just under our navigation. As Broadway Baby uses a 'responsive' layout (which means it automatically adjusts to desktop, laptop, tablet and phone), we require two versions of that transparent image; a large 1175px x 190px PNG and a smaller 750px x 190px PNG. Note that both versions will be scaled to fill the available space. Try resizing this browser window to see how that works.

As the image above illustrates, your main message floats above the background image, which is why it should be transparent.

For maximum impact, less is more. Use your main brand image without too much text cluttering up your message.

What Does It Cost?

Broadway Baby's traffic peaks during the festival season from May - August, with August seeing huge spikes due to the Edinburgh Festival. Our rates reflect this, giving discounts on Takeover Ads outside of festivals.
Takeover Ad Rates
Period Cost Per Day
Sep-Apr £150.00
May-Jul £250.00
August £450.00
Pricing includes VAT charged at the appropriate rate.

How to book a Takeover Ad

For enquiries about Takeover Ads, please email with the date(s) you are looking at.

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