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Online advertising is a great way to present your show and its brand image on Broadway Baby.

We offer two industry-standard formats for online ads, the 'MPU' 300x250px banner and the 728x90px leaderboard.

How Banners Work

The reach of Broadway Baby has been incredibly valuable in giving us exposure.

Brian Hook, Director, Hartshorn-Hook
We sell our banners by the number of times they are displayed (or 'impressions', in the industry jargon). This means if you buy 1,000 impressions, we'll show your banner 1,000 times. We've written an article that explains the ins-and-outs of online advertising in very honest terms here. We aim to give you a highly-targeted audience for the lowest possible cost, and by supporting Broadway Baby you'll enable us to continue coverage of your shows with feature and review articles.

What Does It Cost?

Banner Ad Rates
Impressions per 1,000 (min order 10,000)
300x250px MPU £3.60 £1.80
728x90px Leaderboard £4.00 £2.00

* Rates above are per 1000 impressions (CPM) and are inclusive of VAT at the prevailing rate. Note discounted rates are only available for bookings made online and paid in advance.

How many ad impressions do I need to buy?

Broadway Baby gets a lot of visitors, especially during festival times. The minimum number of impressions you can book is 10,000 - that may sound like a lot, but you could easily show that many in just one day. Also, with our new pricing structure, 10,000 banners is just £18. We'd recommend a minimum of 2,000 per day (and quadruple that during August). A lot of traffic to our site means a lot of eyeballs on your ads, and the more eyeballs the better your chance of turning those impressions into ticket sales.

How to Advertise with Broadway Baby

For online advertising - do it online! Simply click here to visit our online banner booking page.

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