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Broadway Baby has existed since 1996, but it was very different to the site you see today. It was originally launched as a free resource for actors to publish their CVs back in the days when everyone else was charging unrealistic amounts for poorly-designed, single-page static sites. It cross-linked shows with other actors like a crowd-sourced IMDB for theatre, but it wasn’t until Publisher, Pete Shaw, hit on the idea of adding reviews to the show listings in 2004 that it really started to take off. It was at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe that year that the first Broadway Baby review appeared. In Edinburgh Broadway Baby publishes about a quarter of all the reviews from accredited media put together and more than twice as many as the next biggest publication at the Fringe. We’ve published 41,180 listings and 14,143 reviews of arts productions – the largest reviewer at both the Edinburgh and Brighton Fringe Festivals, and still growing.

Broadway Baby is a publication we cannot endorse enough for their success at marketing shows and providing up-to-the- minute reviews that are on the very pulse of the Fringe.

Jake Linzey, Creative Director, Backhand Theatre
We have a simple ethos regarding our reviewers. They should be people involved in the very thing they are reviewing. That’s why we send comedians to review comedy, dancers to review dance and musicians to review music. We also pride ourselves on finding reviewers not only with experience in the performing arts, but also excellent communication skills through the written word. We provide our reviewers with comprehensive training materials to help them write better reviews, and we copy edit everything that is published to ensure high levels of journalistic quality and consistency and we use cutting-edge systems behind the scenes to manage the unique challenges of covering the largest festival in the world.

We were a founder publication in the Festival Media Network, and we remain one of the core members today. FMN strives to improve the coverage of arts festivals and promote collaboration between member media. One of our core beliefs is that there is more than just one opinion, so on Broadway Baby, you'll not only find our critic's rating of a show, but if other FMN member media have covered the show, we'll give you their opinion too.

Our coverage has grown from its roots at the Edinburgh Festival to reviews of the Brighton Fringe, the West End, Broadway and regional theatre across the UK, USA and Ireland. We continue to look for opportunities where we can provide the quality of coverage our readers have come to expect.

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